Saturday, 10 October 2009

Funeral in Tibet

Sometimes I wonder if I should have chosen another name for this blog.

I'll explain the one it has....

Several years ago, S said to me "sex is everything"
That didn't go down well, I wanted him to be wrong, I really believed he was. I talked circles round the idea. He said "its how we came into the world". I said No, chemistry is how we came into the world. Chemistry is everything.
It just looked like sex from a distance.

So think of "On a Low Enough Level" as being a step on... or up... or completely away... from that. The thing is... I was wrong. He was right. Sex is everything.... and by that rationale, this blog should be called At Face Value or It is What it Is....

But really... what is it????

Delusions aside... here's some pictures of a Sky Burial in Tibet. I find this endlessly fascinating.

The corpse is cut in strategic places (sometimes dismembered altogether) and left on a mountain top for vultures or wild animals.
The Tibetan Buddhist belief is that the soul has left this body... it is but flesh... and to offer it up as meat to other creatures is an act of generosity and compassion.... a teaching of the inpermanence of life.

It bothers me how disconnected we (the West) are from death.

Death is your friend. He can't wait to meet you. x

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