Friday, 20 November 2009


I don't have many regrets in life. I subscribe to that horribly hackneyed idea that everything past made me what I am today. Yes, yes I know. Why on earth would I not regret that?
There is one thing though and it occurred about a year ago.
I happened to meet James Meredith. I'll level with you - I'd never heard of him before. My extensive knowledge of key civil rights players began with King and ended with X.
Upon learning I was British he asked me What's the difference between Great Britian and The United Kingdom? I told him. So far so good.
Then he began to tell me how in the olden days, well-to-do English ladies had little black boys as pets. That they would parade the streets of London, bedecked with finery and leading a little black boy along on a piece of string. Like a dog.
I shook my head, no no no that's not true. It is true he solemnly informed me, nodding. The man had a stately way about him. What could I say... no no no that's not true again? It didn't sway him the first time around. So I gave him a small shrug and a furrowed brow and somebody else entered the conversation and the topic changed.
That's my small regret; That I didn't have an answer or a proof to give him. When I think about it I feel almost angry. He should have proffered a proof to me. He made the outlandish statement, he's the one telling a tall tale and labelling it Fact. Well it's not fact, James Meredith, it's spin.

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