Thursday, 12 November 2009

Things I'd save in a fire #1

I found this today...
[well, when I say "found", I mean I spent fifteen minutes ransacking my drawers in search of it]
Carlo wrote this on the inside of a cigarette packet. I was having a crisis of confidence, you know the spiel, I'm not this enough and I'm too much of that.
Here's what you are, Rachael he said.
And I loved him in that moment (and every moment after) but I never found a way to say it, and now its far too late, and it wouldn't have mattered even if I had so actually it's not one of those missed opportunites I beat myself up over, it just was.... and wasn't... but, Hi Carlo, if you ever find this, Hi Carlo!

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Anonymous said...

Why? Why doesn't it matter if you told him? I'd really like to know...